Pilots Add a 6-Foot Rim Protector, Rachel Neufeld

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Rachel Neufeld (1)

The Pilots are excited with the addition of Rachel Neufeld from Winkler, MB. The 6-foot post has an aptitude for rebounding and will bring added rim protection as we look to defend better in the paint. Her presence alone is enough to force a player to change their shot. Rachel is exceptionally mobile for her size and gets up and down the floor quickly. That speed and mobility will help make an immediate impact on the Pilots.

Rachel plays other sports like volleyball where she developed her knack for blocking. She also enjoys hiking, camping and generally spending time outdoors. Rachel has been actively involved in her church community, helping with youth fundraisers, food drives and church fish fries. Rachel will thrive in our Field Education program which involves volunteering in our local community. We are excited to have Rachel living in the Providence community.

“I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to play with the Pilots. I can't wait to be on a strong team that has their sights set high, and a team full of players of good character.” Rachel Neufeld

“We are really happy to add Rachel to our lineup. I think she has a lot of potential to become a very impactful player here at Providence. She is excited to learn and grow her. We have been undersized the last couple of seasons, and we needed to prioritize size. Rachel adds both rim protection but also helps us score inside and we will benefit from her offensive rebounding. I think we found a gem with Rachel and I am excited to see how we can grow her abilities.” Joel Coursey

Rachel will begin her BA in Interdisciplinary Arts this fall, as she pursues a career in education.

Author - Athletics